First Time for Everything

I've been playing with candles in few different ways this week. First I made some tindle roses out of egg cartons and melted candles while I waited pies to bake. I've seen directions for these in several places but I think Annan Aarteet was the first I saw. Unfortunately I couldn't find any in English.

I added two coats of stearin because the color was so light. After the first coat roses were still mainly gray. These turned out pretty but I think I'll use red or some other darker color if I make these again.

The plate beneath is just a paper plate with some crocheting on the edge. I used my Crop-a-dile to punch holes around it and some cotton yarn to crochet simple shells.

Another first time was stamped candles. I've seen several instructions for these as well but have never tried them before. For example here's a good step-by-step guide for them. Using as thin candles as I did was a bit of a challenge because my fingers had to be so close to the heat gun. My poor fingers were burning the whole time.

I used Distress Ink in Peeled Paint to stamp the Inkadinkado -swirl on tissue paper. These are for our wedding. We used a swirl from the same set for envelopes and will propably use them for other things as well. I still have over 30 candles to decorate but I really think it adds something special to our setting.

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  1. Itse meinasin kans kokeilla noit kynttilöitä mutta kun miehellä oli mennyt se kuumailmapuhallin rikki talvella.. Täytyy kattoo jos ostais uuden :) Muut tarvikkeet olis jo valmiina oottamassa.