Where's My Dance Cane?

My sister wanted a tiny hat with blue feathers. Actually the exact hope was something similar to this without a veil but I couldn't figure how to do a pretty see-through hat. Does someone have good tips for that?

Anyways, I ended up making a top hat out of cardboard and satin. I'm not completely satisfied with the result as it could be glued together more carefully but I guess that inevidable for the first actual try. (I've done a few even smaller hats before but those used ruffled lace or ribbon as brim and were a lot easier to put together).

I decorated the hat with some sequin trim, satin ribbon, feathers and an old, broken brooch. The sequin trim in the brim is mainly there to cover the seam between two layers. It also adds a subtle gleam to the project.

On the side there's a blue baby ostrich blume, a bunch of black marabou feathers and some blue goose biots. My nails are still blue from curling those biots. I wonder if anyone has good tips for that? I've seen them in use even more curled but this was the best I could do.

I know I'm going to make at least two more of these in the near future so all good tips are welcome! I think this turned out nice and I hope my sister will accept it.

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