Last Bits And Pieces Of Christmas

I was reminded that I still haven't posted the last gifts from my Christmas calendar. To be honest, I couldn't remember which they was which anymore but here they are and I once more would like to thank all the ladies who took part in my calendar.

Some of them are already in use: the adorable flower charm is hanging from my mobile phone, stickers were used for gift tags and the angel keychain is decorating my camera bag. I also made some gift toppers like this with ribbons and shapes I got earlier:

I didn't only get calendar packages but I also contributed to two gift exchanges. Heidi and Riikka both sent me some nice gifts back and Riikka even included a separate birthday gift for me. I started my birthday with that mask on my face and felt extra beautiful the whole day!

My dear friends also remembered my birthday and on top of perfect presents I got this gorgeous card! Emmi had drawn me so perfectly I couldn't stop smiling to it.

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