In Her Shoes

A friend of mine was here yesterday to make Christmas cards. She mentioned she wanted something shaped like a shoe for her fathers card. As she worked on her other cards I started to plan a shoe. At some point she realised what I was doing.

This cardstock shoe sure wouldn't fit a grown man and it came out more feminine than I meant it to but all in all I'm quite satisfied with it, being the ex tempore project that it was.

I used cardstock, tapestry, eyelets, bronze sparkle gel pen and some ribbon in it. Everything is put together with double sided tape and I really hope it'll hold.

I'm quite pleased with my patterns excluding toe part. It should be rounder but I don't know if cardstock even shapes that way. If someone wants to try this project I can scan the pattern.

Another thing I made while she was working was this not so christmasy Christmas card. I printed out a verse of a carol for it. Freely translated it says "On the sky a star just lighted, star so bright, star so big..." which I think suits this little digi alien by Pollycraft better than well.

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